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Casino Gaming Quick Start Guide

Online leisure gamers don't typically have hours to spend honing complex casino skills – and their game-time is often very precious and limited to a few hours a week. However, thousands of casual casino gamers still manage to play some of the popular games with a certain degree of skill and strategy. Check out a quick-start guide to getting gaming with a degree of strategy next time you hot the casinos……

Video poker

The best way for casual gamers to play video poker is to familiarize themselves with all the classic poker hands. In fact, if you print off a strategy sheet from the web, for your specific genre of video poker casino games – you can learn them all during 'blank time', such as your commute to work. By following a simple strategy, you'll boost your efficiency at holding the right casino cards – increasing your hopes of hitting high paying combinations, and reducing the casino's natural edge. Over time – try and progress to more complex systems, which can seriously elevate your gaming levels and long-term casino prospects.


Casino blackjack can be approached with a similar style as basic video poker – by taking advantage of basic strategy sheets. For example, the key moves prompted by a basic casino blackjack strategy are as follows:

1. Hit until your combo is worth is 17 or over, assuming the dealer has 7 or higher.

2. Hit until you have 12+, and the house hold a face-up 6 or under.

3. Double wager if the dealer has 9 or less, and you have a hand of 10 or 11

4. Split aces and 8's exclusively

Even playing with these 4 simple tips will give you an edge over simply trying the beat the casino with high value hands. Basic strategy will provide you with a foundation from which to progress to more advanced casino strategies.


Roulette is a casual casino gamers paradise when it comes to strategic systems, however the games do need playing with care! However, if you play roulette with purely 'leisure cash' and like risk with the chance of fast rewards, roulette systems could be the ticket. The classic roulette strategy is the Martingale System:

Bet 1: 1 credit on even money red/black


Lose> Bet 2: 2 credits on the same spin selection

> Keep repeating the steps above until you strike a win/quit

Statistically, this casino system has a very high chance of working in less than 6 spins. However, be warned that while it can deliver hot wins and casual gamers often scoop hundreds using it – you can lose and must be prepared for the risk. Never risk money you can not afford to lose – and the number one tip is to play with a small bank and try and compound it to game with your winnings!

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