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Good Slot Sense

If you are a slots player, you realize the monster task in front of you when you walk into a casino. There can be too much to choose from and if you lose focus on your task at hand, you could find yourself drowning in a sea of noisy slot machines. They do sound like music to a gambler’s ears and are in their own way, the score and soundtrack of the casino atmosphere. Playing them well will often lead to black results, but there are things to know and thoughts to be considered on a regular basis if you’re becoming a slot King or Queen!


Random Number Generator: any slot player should know what this is; however there are many people who play slots regularly who do not understand how the machines work. They are operated by a computer chip that continuously works to keep play and payouts random; hence the name Random Number Generator. You should understand that these are pre-programmed devices and some are, in fact, programmed to pay out smaller amounts more often. This gives the player a slight edge if they are willing to search for and find this machine. It just requires a bankroll to do so. So, use your money to play and never buy into any “system” that is going to tell you when a machine will hit. You’ll go from slot player to sucker in 2.2 seconds.


As in all poker games, you need a healthy bankroll to further your gambling activity. Healthy doesn’t always mean incredibly large. It’s just an amount of money that any player should budget and set aside for their game of choice. Don’t dip into your slots fund for blackjack, etc. Responsible bankroll management allows the player to consistently build on small successes so they come more often. It also allows for better inventory and analysis to see it really is the game that should be played. Finishing in the red and needing to work overtime to rebuild the bank might be a hint to look elsewhere in the casino.

Players Card

Get a players card and use it. The more you play, the more money the casino will register and in return the will most likely reward you with discounts, bonuses and possibly some free buffet action. It’s their way of saying thank you to their loyal patrons; so get all you can out of your slot adventures.

Keep a log

Casinos are strictly governed by gaming commissions, who in turn answer to Uncle Sam. If you hit big enough, you are going to have to claim your winnings to the IRS, however, if they want to you to claim your winnings to a certain point, you can also claim your losses. Keep a detailed log and if you feeling a bit bold, plug the results into your PC or Mac (don’t want to discriminate) and create some charts and graphs. Tell me that won’t impress someone if you happen to get audited. Treat your responsible gaming like the business that it is!

Pocket your profit

If you hit big; take a breather. You may want to take several more spins of the reels, but there’s never any reason to be in a hurry in a casino. Have a premeditated percentage that you have planned to set aside and do it. You just did what the vast minority of players ever do; hit a jackpot. Don’t give it all right back to the casino. Set aside a nice chunk and then get back to the action with your modest amount! It is good to grab a bite to eat, or grab a drink before you get back to machines, because it allows you to look at things objectively and think about what you want to do with your winnings.

These are simply five suggestions or morsels of good advice for any slot player. Of course there are many more valuable pieces of information that may help deliver success, but all great players agree that responsibility is the key to long-term success. Don’t be what society considers a one-hit-wonder. Have fun and keep your head screwed on and you may enjoy a new vacation each year afforded by generous slot machines.

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