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Online Casino Tournaments

Tournaments are a popular and cost efficient way for a player to spend their time while in an online casino. Tournaments offer generous 1st and 2nd prize awards, as well as other prizes for 3rd place finishers and beyond. Tournaments vary but a typical tournament with a $25 entry fee could offer a 1st prize of $3000, a 2nd prize of $1000 and ten $100 prizes for 3rd through 12th place.

Players love tournaments because they know how much they will risk before sitting down to play. Gambling is a lot more fun when you know the most you can lose is $25.

There are many different types of tournament play offered by online casinos. The most popular are Slot Tournaments, Baccarat Tournaments, Blackjack Tournaments, Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold Em Poker Tournaments.

Rules and Tips

Tournament rules are generally the same. A player has a set amount of time to wager the allocated chips or money, say 60 minutes to wager $1000. Some tournaments are stretched out over a long period of time, maybe a week or a month. In these cases, the 60 minute playing time can be spread out, so if a player wants to take a break they may. Other tournaments do not stretch out the time limit and a player has to use all their chips in one session.

If the tournament is stretched out over a period of time, a good tip would be to enter as late as possible. That way a player would know what point total they'd have to beat, as long as there was a posted leader board supplying such information. Another tip would be to keep tabs on previous winning scores, again, so you can have an extra edge in trying to determine how many chips you will need to win, thus bet accordingly.


There are different types of online casinos which offer tournaments as a reward to repeat customers. These players usually have to accumulate a set amount of points while playing in the casino before they are allowed to enter a tournament.

Some casinos offer a fixed buy-in amount to enter a tournament.

If a player is interested in playing in an online casino tournament, they should check their online casino website for information leading to tournament schedules and entry rules.

Remember, tournament money is play money. The prize money is real.

Hundreds of players usually partake in an online casino tournament so don't expect to win unless Lady Luck is on your side.

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